MSU Arranges MSU BCG Hackathon and Pitching

MSU Arranges MSU BCG Hackathon and Pitching

The Office of General Education and Mahasarakham Industrial Sector organized MSU Bio, Circular and Green Economy Hackathon Project during April 19th-20th and 22nd-24th, 2023 at Mahasarakham University and S-Tawan Hotel, Mueang District, Maha Sarakham Province. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Jindaporn Jumratlertrat, Director of General Education Office gave the opening speech of the program as a representative of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prayook Srivilai, President of Mahasarakham University.

This project is to (1) enable students participating in the project to gain knowledge and experience to create innovative ideas about the BCG economy in three dimensions, (2) To enter an intensive practice process, and generate concepts and entrepreneurial skills about the BCG economy in three dimensions by using the university demonstration agricultural area (the agricultural plot behind the Mahasarakham University Demonstration School (High School)). Students are expected to be able to apply the knowledge they learn from taking part in the activities to their studies and daily lives. MSU General Education Office was funded by MSU Science Park, providing over 1,000,000 Thai baht of business support to undergraduate students. In the MSU BCG Hackathon Project, the selected team will receive a BCG entrepreneur scholarship of 100,000 baht. There were three activities in the project: Induction Meeting (April 19th, 2023), Train the Trainer (April 20th, 2023) and MSU BCG Hackathon and Pitching (April 22nd, 2023)

Today’s activity (April 22nd, 2023) was MSU BCG Hackathon and Pitching which is a business model competition of 16 selected teams. In order to select the potential target consumers who can have the greatest impact on their teams’ concepts and the agricultural demonstration plot area, the students will need to examine STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning). They need to build out monetization and a sustainable strategy and examine the company model using BMC concepts. Additionally, each team will create an infographic and budget 100,000 baht for their project in order to come up with innovative ideas that take into account things like profits, sustainability, and the use of the agricultural demonstration plot area.

Photos/News: Aphiram Thamkaew

Source: Office of General Education



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