About Us

Our Vision

Mahasarakham University is a university that ranks among the nation’s top 10 universities with regard to educational quality and standard, and is recognized as the top ranking community-based university in the Northeastern region.

Our Mission

The University’s missions include the following:

  1. Providing education to students and higher professionals, with the aim of improving the quality of graduates to meet the standards and obtain preferable qualifications;
  2. Creating innovations from research works of high quality in all fields that generate new knowledge to support teaching and learning, academic services, arts and cultural conservation, and appropriate applications;
  3. Providing academic services to the society and local communities for their sustainable self-reliance;
  4. Conserving, reviving, protecting, disseminating, and developing Isan arts, culture, and traditions

Facts and Figures

• Maha Sarakham is situated in the heart of North East Thailand.
• Mahasarakham (the city) is situated in Maha Sarakham, the province (two words).
• The population of Maha Sarakham is just under 1 million people
• The area of Maha Sarakham is 5,229 square kilometres
• Mahasarakham is home to two universities and five tertiary colleges between them totalling over 63,000 students
• Mahasarakham University is the leading educational institution in the province with over 41,000 students
• Mahasarakham is known as the City of Great Education and is also a centre of Buddhist wisdom and culture in the region
• 475 Kms from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city


• Abbreviation: MSU
• M:  Moral S:  Social Responsibility U:  Unity
• Motto:  “Public Devotion is a Virtue of the Learned”
• Colours:  Yellow and Grey. Connotes intellectual wisdom and good thinking leading to prosperity
• Emblem:  The Rojanakorn. A stamp of brilliant prosperity
• Symbolic Tree: The Koon or Rajaphreuk. Denotes prosperity
• Students: 41,902 in 2022
• Graduated in 2021: 6,927 Bachelor, 188 Masters, 77 PhD’s.
• Personnel: 3,547 academic, administrative and support staff
• Campuse: 2 Campuses
• Teaching unit: 16 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 school and 1 institution
• Degree offered: 95 Bachelor’s degree programs, 63 Master’s degree programs and 44 Doctural degree programs
• MSU student base is drawn from all twenty north east Thailand Provinces
• Semesters (2 x 16 weeks)
• 1st semester June – Nov
• 2nd semester Dec – April