Frequently Asked Questions

Classes and Tuition

Q1: When do the semesters start?

A: Please check out the academic calendar for graduate students.

Q2: How much is the tuition fee for each program?

A: All master’s and doctoral degree tuition fees are listed here.

Q3: How and when do I pay for the tuition fee? 

A: Check out the payment options available on payment page.

Q4: How do I register for classes?

A: Please log in to the course registration system and follow the steps in order to enroll in classes.

Q5: What classes do I need to enroll in this semester?

A:  To plan for your classes, check out your study plan on program page

Q6: Steps to request for a degree conferral 

A: If you are finishing the degree within the last semester, it will be processed automatically by staff.  To request for degree conferral outside the time window, please contact a Faculty staff listed here

Language courses

Q7: Could you tell me more about language courses?

A: See details

Q8: How long does a language course last?

A: See details

Faculty and staff contacts


Faculty Email
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Education
Mahasarakham Business School
Faculty of Fine-Applied Arts and Cultural Science
Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
College of Politics and Governance
College of Music
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Engineering Graduateenmsu@gmail.comzang
Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts
Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies
Faculty of Informatics
Walairukhavej Botanical Research Institute
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences