Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes and Tuition

Q1: When do the semesters start?

A: Please check out the academic calendar for international students.

Q2: How much is the tuition fee for each program?

A: Bachelor’s degree tution fees are listed here and both master’s and doctoral degree tuition fees are listed here.

Q3: How and when do I pay for the tuition fee? 

A: Check out the payment options available on payment page.

Q4: How do I register for classes?

A: Please log in to the course registration system and follow the steps in order to enroll in classes.

Q5: What classes do I need to enroll in this semester?

A:  To plan for your classes, check out your study plan on program page

Q6: Steps to request for a degree conferral 

A: If you are finishing the degree within the last semester, it will be processed automatically by staff.  To request for degree conferral outside the time window, please contact a Faculty staff listed here

Q7: How do I get my visa extension?

A: Watch our video guide on visa extensions here

Q8: How do I get my re-enty permit?

A: Watch our video guide on re-entry permits here

Q9: How do I change my type of visa?

A: Watch our video guide on changing visa type here

Q10: How do I apply for a 90 days report?

A: Watch our video guide on applying for a 90 days report here

Q11: What language are bachelor’s programs taught in?

A: There are four international bachelor’s programs taught in English. All other bachelor’s programs are taught in Thai. You can view a list of all bachelor’s programs accepting international students here

Q12: What language are graduate programs taught in?

A: All graduate programs that accept international students can be taught in both English and Thai. You can view a list of available master’s programs here and Ph.D. programs here

Language courses

Could you tell me more about language courses?

A: See details

How long does a language course last?

A: See details

Faculty and staff contacts

Faculty Email
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences [email protected]
Faculty of Law [email protected]
Faculty of Education [email protected]
Mahasarakham Business School [email protected]
Faculty of Fine-Applied Arts and Cultural Science [email protected]
Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management [email protected]
College of Politics and Governance [email protected]
College of Music [email protected]
Faculty of Science [email protected]
Faculty of Technology [email protected]
Faculty of Engineering [email protected]
Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts [email protected]
Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies [email protected]
Faculty of Informatics [email protected]
Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute [email protected]
Faculty of Nursing [email protected]
Faculty of Pharmacy [email protected]
Faculty of Public Health [email protected]
Faculty of Medicine [email protected]
Faculty of Veterinary Sciences [email protected]