There are many well maintained sports facilities, gymnasiums, courts and pools located across both campuses which are accessible to both students and staff throughout the year.

Khamriang Campus

Athletics Tracks

  • There two sets of tracks with a soft, non-slip surface, suitable for running and other athletics
  • At the center there is a football (soccer) field
  • Approximately 150 m (500 ft) away from the red athletics tracks is an MSU swimming pool


  • Courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton and cheerleading as well other student activities and ceremonies.
  • Outside the building there are lawns, vegetable arches and sunflower fields for walking, relaxing and exercising.

Sports and Recereation Center

  • The Sports and Recreation Center is a 4,000 seat air-conditioned gymnasium divided into two floors
  • The first floor is comprise of various training rooms dedicated to indoor sports such as; boxing, judo, taekwondo and fencing, as well as fitness and yoga rooms.
  • On the second floor are basketball, volleyball, badminton and futsal courts

Downtown Campus

Essec Fitness Center

  • It is a place to develop teaching and learning
  • Teaching and research practice of teachers and students Bachelor, Master, and PhD as well as providing fitness services for health and physical fitness to students, staff and the general public