Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Maha Sarakham

• Maha Sarakham is situated in the heart of North East Thailand.
• Maha Sarakham (the city) is situated in Maha Sarakham, the province (two words).
• The population of Maha Sarakham is just under 1 million people
• The area of Maha Sarakham is 5,229 square kilometres
• Mahasarakham is home to two universities and five tertiary colleges between them totalling over 63,000 students
• Mahasarakham University is the leading educational institution in the province with over 41,000 students.
• Mahasarakham is known as the City of Great Education and is also a centre of Buddhist wisdom and culture in the region
• 475 km from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city

Mahasarakham University

• Abbreviation: MSU
• M:  Moral S:  Social Responsibility U:  Unity
• Motto:  “Public Devotion is a Virtue of the Learned.”
• Colours:  Yellow and Grey. Connotes intellectual wisdom and good thinking leading to prosperity
• Emblem:  The Rojanakorn. A stamp of brilliant prosperity
• Symbolic Tree: The Koon or Rajaphreuk. Denotes prosperity.
• Students: 41,902 in 2022.
• Graduated in 2022: 9,824 Bachelors, 497 Masters, 185 PhD’s.
• Personnel: 3,432 academic, administrative and support staff
• Campus: 2 Campuses
• Teaching unit: 16 faculties, 2 colleges, 1 school and 1 institution
• Degrees offered: 95 Bachelor’s degree programs, 63 Master’s degree programs and 44 Doctural degree programs
• MSU student base is drawn from all twenty north east Thailand Provinces
• Semesters (2 x16 weeks)

Academic calendars

Student Body

In fiscal year 2022, MSU had a total of 41,902 students studying in the fields of; Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Public Health

In fiscal year 2022, MSU had a total of 956 international students from 19 different countries, studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degrees

Of the 40,946 Thai students, 2,078 are postgraduate students studying for Master’s degrees or Doctoral degrees

As of fiscal year 2022, a total of 889 MSU international students are studying for Master’s degrees or Doctoral degrees


In fiscal year 2022, MSU had 3,432 academic and supporting staff