Living in Maha Sarakham

Living in Maha Sarakham

Living in Maha Sarakham will be an incredible life experience to all. Thai Isan culture, heritages, and many other aspects of life are waiting for all to explore.

Students have the option to live on or off campus. For information about on-campus housing, please visit the Dormitory Division website.

Two campuses are approximately 10 km. apart. Public transportation services are running on a daily schedule.


     If you’re on the Khamriang Campus and you need to go downtown or to the old campus, the easiest way is to catch a 10 baht bus (songthaew).

     Stand by the side of the road and flag them down by extending your hand at waist level and moving it up and down. Use the buzzer to alert the driver when you want to get off. Cost is 10 baht no matter how far you go. You pay the driver when you get off.

     Both blue and yellow songthaews operate seven days a week from 6.00 am to 8.30 pm starting from near MSU Plaza (34) then heading to either the Downtown Campus or Downtown bus station.



Blue songthaews operate on a continuous circular route starting on the canal side outside MSU Plaza (34). They travel to and turn around at the downtown bus station before returning to MSU Plaza (34).

Note : Some blue songthaews from MSU Plaza turn right out of the ring road and travel into Khamriang. Drivers are astute and will normally indicate to you if they are heading the ‘other’ way.


Yellow songthaews also operate on a continuous circular route starting at the Talad Noi Market (31) then the MSU Plaza (34). They then travel travel to the Downtown Campus, entering at the MSU’s Main Entrance (1). They then do a clockwise lap around the campus before returning to MSU Plaza (34) at Khamriang Campus.


MSU has a free shuttle bus service that travels a continuous lap between the the Khamriang Campus (left) and Downtown Campus (right) during normal university times and hours.

Bus times are an approximation and will be subject to variation depending on traffic.


Many students own a motorcycle for more convenient transit. Chartered services such as Grab and private short-term rentals are available through mobile applications and social media group posts.


Curbside parking and parking lots for cars and motorcycles are available throughout the campus. Some gated parking spaces are designated for specific university vehicles.

Check out what to do in Maha Sarakham or download a brochure here.

MSU International Student Club (MISC)

MSU International Student Club provides an air-conditioned, ample space for international students to work on their individual study or collaborative projects in the center of Kamriang campus. With a small meeting room inside, the space is equipped with movable tables, chairs, Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets. It can be accessed by fingerscan and is monitored closely with CCTV cameras. There is also a cafe right below in the same building.

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