MSU Climbs Up the SCImago Institutional Rankings 2024, Showcasing Continuous Achievements in Research and Innovation

MSU Climbs Up the SCImago Institutional Rankings 2024, Showcasing Continuous Achievements in Research and Innovation

As of March 2024, Mahasarakham University (MSU) has achieved a higher ranking in the Universities category in the SCImago Institutional Rankings 2024, particularly in Overall Rank, Research Rank, and Societal Rank. This serves as a testament to the university’s unwavering commitment and continuous efforts in promoting research and academic excellence.

SCImago Institutional Rankings evaluates 15 subject areas across three dimensions: Research, Innovation, and Societal. The rankings are conducted in five sectors: Governance, Health, Universities, Companies, and Non-Profit, encompassing a total of 9,054 participating institutions. The rankings are presented in three levels: World Rank out of 4,762 universities, Asiatic Region Rank out of 1,671 universities, and National Rank out 33 Thai universities.

MSU’s Ranking Results:

Overall Rank:

  • World Rank: 2821
  • Asia Rank: 1029
  • National Rank: 21

Research Rank:

  • World Rank: 2607
  • Asia Rank: 757
  • National Rank: 15

Societal Rank:

  • World Rank: 3358
  • Asia Rank: 493
  • National Rank: 13

Innovation Rank:

  • World Rank: 1945
  • Asia Rank: 1408
  • National Rank: 26

These rankings demonstrate the challenges that MSU faces in its journey to become a leading institution in establishing academic credibility and excellence both regionally and internationally. The university remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting valuable research and generating knowledge that benefits society sustainably.

Key Achievements:

  • MSU has improved its ranking in all four categories compared to the previous year
  • The university has maintained its position as a top-ranked university in the northeastern region of Thailand in the Overall Rank and Research Rank categories
  • MSU has also made significant progress in the Societal Rank category, demonstrating its commitment to creating a positive impact on society

Moving Forward:

MSU is committed to further strengthening its research and innovation capabilities. The university plans to achieve this by:

  • Increasing investment in research infrastructure and facilities
  • Attracting and retaining talented researchers
  • Promoting collaboration with other universities and research institutions
  • Focusing on research areas that are relevant to the needs of society

MSU is confident that it can continue to improve its ranking in the SCImago Institutional Rankings and become a leading university in the region and the world.

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