MSU Tends to Corporate in Research with Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

MSU Tends to Corporate in Research with Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Assoc. Prof. Prayook Srivilai, President of Mahasarakham University, led a team of university executives and professors from Mahasarakham University in negotiating an academic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ming Chuan University (MCU). The negotiation took place in the morning of Thursday, June 8th, 2023, with a warm welcome from Dr. Lee Hsuan-Shih, the President, and the executives of Ming Chuan University. Both universities expressed mutual agreement in signing the MoU to foster collaboration in research fields such as science, engineering, management, information technology, tourism, and design, as well as exchange of personnel for various activities, including giving lectures on topics relevant to students of both universities and short-term/long-term student exchanges. The international offices of both universities will coordinate the signing process and future collaborative activities.

In addition, the welcoming team from Ming Chuan University took the delegation from Mahasarakham University to visit research and learning centers that serve as experiential training venues to develop students’ skills and prepare them for future work. These centers include 1. Ming Chuan Broadcasting Station, 2. Media News Online Editing Center, 3. Virtual Studio, and 4. VR Experience Zone and Internet Television Station. The visit provided an opportunity to see the preparedness of the various laboratories and facilities that the university has arranged for students to enhance their skills and gain practical experience. It also showcased the leadership potential of the students in managing and taking responsibility for assigned tasks.

Ming Chuan University is a leading private university in Taiwan that has been certified by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) for the first time in November 2010 and it shows that the university has management that reaches international standards and is globally recognized. Nowadays, MCU remains the first and only university in Taiwan that has been accredited by the United States.

There are a total of 18,509 students, including 2,072 international students. The emphasis here is on providing education based on theories and applications to ensure that graduates benefit from this approach. It is achieved through integrated education methods that cultivate students’ attitudes through seminars, thesis projects, and designing projects for successful completion of their studies. The strict regulations and determination enable graduates to excel both in further education and in job placement. The university offers a diverse range of programs, including management, financial technology, information technology, communication, design, education, applied languages, law, tourism, and health technology. The focus is on providing students with a unique global learning experience, as the university believes in creating innovative global citizens ready to be future leaders.

Ming Chuan University was established over 60 years ago and has evolved into an internationally recognized university under the leadership of its founders, professors, and staff. It not only cultivates abilities in advanced technology, humanities, and management but also strives to be an even better and more comprehensive university in terms of research, teaching, and service. Ming Chuan University continues to move forward to achieve its goal of becoming a globally recognized university.

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