Trash Becomes Meaningful Creative Art

Trash Becomes Meaningful Creative Art

An innovative MSU student has created contemporary art using trash and other seemingly worthless items such as used boxes, papers and plastic bottles. Mr. Thanin Chaibun, a 3rd year visual arts student, Faculty of Fine-Applied Arts and Cultural Science, presented his art work on social media. Many viewers of his work, which he has named “Street Child”, have complimented and shared his work.

The inspiration of this work is from the problems with homelessness and poverty in Thai society. This work reflects lives of homeless people in Thai society who are jobless and often collect rubbish for food exchange. Mr. Chaibun also has two other highlighted pieces, presenting his creativity and art performance, named “Shadow of the Prime Minister” and “Homesick”. His artworks are made mainly by make shapes out of rubbish then shinning a light through them to create a shadow on the wall that appears as a silhouette image.

Pictures/Information: Buntharika Phuphaluang

Source: Faculty of Fine – Applied Arts and Cultural Science

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