MSU Participates in a Nature Explore, “City Nature Challenge 2023”

MSU Participates in a Nature Explore, “City Nature Challenge 2023”

The paleontological Research and Education Center in collaboration with Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute co-organized a nature exploration project in Mahasarakham University as part of the City Nature Challenge 2023 between April 28, and May 1, 2023. The activity allows everyone to explore natural creatures in their provinces by using the iNaturalist application to record data.

Maha Sarakham Province is one of only 7 provinces in Thailand to join the project, and it is the first year that it has taken part. The project gives opportunities to locals, professors, researchers, academics, personnel and students in the sector to participate and be a part of the project to explore life which will lead to raising awareness and seeing the value of natural science, natural resources and environment.

During the event, participants discovered over 300 species and organisms, including 127 insects, 101 plants, 33 bird species and other species.

For those who are interested in the next activity. You can contact us at the Facebook page: ชมรมดูนกและธรรมชาติมมส-Birding and Nature Club MSU


Source: Birding and Nature Club MSU


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