MSU continues mutual cooperation with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech), Taipei

MSU continues mutual cooperation with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech), Taipei 

On June 8, 2023, a team of MSU’s administrators and lecturers led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prayook Srivilai, President of Mahasarakham University visited the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech), Taipei to continue mutual cooperation on University Incubation of both institutes. The cooperation agreement has been signed since 2018.  

The purpose of this visit was to observe the following research centers; Center of Intelligent Robotics, presented by Prof. Jeng-Ywan Jeng and High Speed 3D Printing Research Center, presented by Prof. Po Ting Lin. Moreover, this visit was an opportunity to discuss mutual research projects to develop research quality of MSU as Taiwan Tech contains the following 25 research units. 

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Research Center
  2. Opto-Mechatronics Technology Center
  3. Wireless Communication and Electromagnetic Compatibility Research Center
  4. Center for Power and Energy Technologies
  5. Center of Intelligent Robots
  6. Taiwan Information Security Center
  7. Taiwan Building Technology Center
  8. Research Innovation Center for Engineering and Disaster Prevention
  9. Color, Imaging and Illumination Center
  10. Sustainable Energy Development Center
  11. e-Learning Research Center, NTUST
  12. Center for IoT Innovation
  13. CMP Innovation Center
  14. Broadband Communication Technology Center
  15. Industry 4.0 Implementation Center
  16. NTUST AI Research Center
  17. High Speed 3D Printing Research Center
  18. Thin-Film Metallic Glass Research Center
  19. Cyber-Physical System Innovation
  20. Advanced Intelligent Image and Vision Technology Research Center
  21. Artificial Intelligence Operations Management Research Center
  22. Advanced Membrane Materials Research Center
  23. Taiwan Tech Smart Electric Vehicle Research Center
  24. Digital Development Research Center
  25. Sports Science and Athletic Rehabilitation Researches Center

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was established on August 1, 1974, under the name National Taiwan Institute of Technology (NTIT). The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was the first polytechnic institution in Taiwan’s education system, specializing in technical and vocational education. This institution aimed to produce effective students for the rapid economic and industrial development needs of Taiwan. It also focused on providing excellent training and education concerning engineering and management fields for the undergraduate level. Later on, in 1979 and 1982, NTIT expanded its curriculum and implemented teaching programs at the master’s and doctoral levels accordingly.

On August 1, 1997, NTIT was elevated to university status and changed its name to “National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,” commonly known as “Taiwan Tech.”

Taiwan Tech contains 5 campuses. The main campus is located in Taipei, and other branches are located in Tu-Cheng, Keelung, Gong-Guan and Chupei. The main campus, situated in the beautiful environment of Taipei, has convenient transport links and covers approximately 10 hectares. Currently, there are 5,605 undergraduate students, 4,902 graduate students, and 415 full-time faculty members.

The vision is to develop Taiwan Tech into a globally recognized applied research university that produces highly skilled personnel in the field of advanced technology and capable management, enabling them to compete on the global stage. This will contribute to the growth of the nation and society in the future.

The overall goals of Taiwan Tech are to excel in multiple domains, expertise in innovation, technology integration, and holistic education on the platform of green intelligent buildings and creative design.

Taiwan Tech also strives to recruit international professors who can contribute to both teaching and research. These factors serve as inspiration for the overall development of the university, fostering close collaboration between educational and research institutions as well as local industries. This collaboration aims to enhance Taiwan’s national competitiveness on the global stage, both in terms of educational and research excellence and in elevating the capabilities of local industries.

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