Teacher Volunteer Club organizes “19th Lighting the Dream Project”

Teacher Volunteer Club organizes “19th Lighting the Dream Project”

Teacher Volunteer Club of the Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University organized “19th Lighting the Dream Project” from December 10 – 14, 2022, at Hui Jing Witthaya School, Sri Khon Phum sub district, Surin province. This project integrated educational theories to develop learning process, such as Active Learning, Student-Centered Learning, Learning by Doing and Service Learning. This project was cooperated by Mr. Supphareuk Srithongkiew, a President of Teacher Volunteer Club, followed by Ms. Naphatsawan Pimpimol and Mr. Jessada Charungpan and supervised by Asst. Prof. Thatchai Chitranont, a lecturer of the Faculty of Education, MSU. There were students from different faculties and network institutes such as Khonkean University, Mahasarakham Rajabaht University, Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University attending this project.

The educational theories were applied to run learning activities through teaching the following subjects: Thai Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society, Religion, Culture and Foreign language. Moreover, there were learning activities that prepared the student’s ability for study in higher education, such as national basic test and academic knowledge test, educational guideline activities for study in higher education, recreation activities; walk rally day and local song contest. In addition, there were local story-telling activities that aimed to elaborate knowledge on local culture, tradition, morality and society that were important for living.

This project reflects learning process and academic service, binding experiences and educational activities that will be advantage for learners and students.

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