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MSU runs a “Smart Student 4.0” workshop.

MSU runs a “Smart Student 4.0” workshop.

2019-04-02 766

MSU runs a “Smart Student 4.0” workshop.
The Faculty of Informatic, Mahasarakham University runs a “Smart Student 4.0 workshop” to coach MSU Students in the best way to improve their potential for the “Smart Student 4.0.”
Assoc. Prof. Sasitorn Kaewman, the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics is the Guest of Honor in the opening ceremony for “Smart Student 4.0 workshop”. Occasionally, Ms. Sophida Kanchanarin, Miss Thailand Universe 2018, is invited to be a speaker for the workshop with the topic, “Smart Student 4.0.” 
With this workshop, Mahasarakham University aims to develop the students’ abilities for the world’s interchangeability, and support students to live happily in MSU. This is also to encourage students to have the intention of studying and the goal for their future.  
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