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MSU Holds Research to Market Contest

MSU Holds Research to Market Contest

2018-11-10 730

MSU Holds Research to Market Contest
On November 10, 2018, Mahasarakham University Industry cooperation Center (UIC) supported by Science Park Promotion Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology, organized the Research to Market Contest 2018 for regional round. The event was presided over by Assoc. Prof. Keartisak Sriprateep, Manager of MSUIC.
This event aims to develop students' potential both inside and outside the university and to create commercial opportunities with the research of the universities or institutions for the development of business and technology by selecting research and innovation with marketing potential, analyzing data and research presentation that can be applied in real situations. It increases the opportunity for learning and participation in the process of innovation for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to learn how to develop a business plan that can be used.
There were 20 teams participated in the contest and would be selected 6 contestants for regional round to compete in the final round. The contestants were the representatives from regional science parks including Northeastern Science Park, Southern Science Park and Northern Science Park. This year, the Northeastern Science Park is the host of the event. It will be held in Ubon Ratchathani University in early February, 2019.
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