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MSU Organizes Com Biz Festival 2017

MSU Organizes Com Biz Festival 2017

2017-09-15 1495

MSU Organizes Com Biz Festival 2017
On September 15, 2017, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prayook Srivilai, Vice-President for Planning and Special Affairs, Mahasarakham University, presided over Com Biz Festival 2017 at Mahasarakham Business School. It was organized for students to develop their academic skills to apply to community and country, and to get into the center of academic excellence in Business Administration.
There were many activities in the fair, for instance, Quiz in Business Computer for high school students, Instruction to Installing Programs and Computer Tutorial, Mobile Application-Mobile Programming Tutorial, Business Computer Major Students’ Project Presentation, and Giving Students’ Project to Entrepreneurs. There were over 800 attendees including students and staffs from other institutions.
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