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MSU Welcomes 67 Students from 7 Countries to the 2017 Global Citizenship Camp

MSU Welcomes 67 Students from 7 Countries to the 2017 Global Citizenship Camp

2017-07-25 1470

MSU Welcomes 67 Students from 7 Countries to the 2017 Global Citizenship Camp
Mahasarakham University welcomed 67 students from 7 countries to MSU Global Citizenship Camp (MSU-GCC 2017), which was held at Mahasarakham University on July 25 -31, 2017. This camp, organized and supported by Mahasarakham University, brought together student leaders from MSU partner universities throughout Asia, namely Brunei University Darussalam (Brunei), Kampong Chheuteal Institute of Technology (Cambodia), Mean Chey University (Cambodia), Royal University of Phom Penh (Cambodia), Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Indonesia), Indonesia University of Education (Indonesia), National University of Laos (Laos), University of Health Science (Laos), Lyceum of the Philippines University (Philippines), University of the Philippines (Philippines), Dongseo University (South Korea), Mahasarakham University (Thailand), and Haiphong University (Vietnam).
A one-week MSU-GCC provided all the participants the opportunities to explore more about Thailand’s sustainable development projects towards global citizenship and to develop their citizenship skills through a series of talks, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities including meeting with the older people at MSU Senior Citizens School and planting mangrove trees at Rayong Mangrove Forest Resource Development Station, Rayong, one of its eastern province on the Gulf of Thailand, known for its national parks and beaches. 
“We were thrilled to offer the participants a well-planned, action-packed camp which mainly focused on promoting citizenship and team-building. The camp also allowed the participants to explore more about issues related to their communities, Asian cultures, and global citizenship. We hoped the participants in MSU-GCC camp would be encouraged to do meaningful work for humanity and the environment and become a good citizen of their communities and the world.”, said Assistant Professor Dr. Chonlatee Photong, MSU Assistant to the President for Public Relations and International Affairs.
Besides building participants’ citizenship skills through different activities, the camp aimed to strengthen good relationship among MSU partner institutions around the world and promote student mobility activities through a wide range of means and channels.

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