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MSU Student Wins the Pacific Rim International Design Award

MSU Student Wins the Pacific Rim International Design Award

2017-03-29 944

MSU 4th year student majoring in Fashion and Textile Design, Narongyot Teejunmart, won first place for the 11th Pacific Rim Project.

The Pacific Rim Project is an annual Pacific Rim international collaboration between Art Center College of Design, USA and Tama Art University, Japan. The Pacific Rim Project focuses on global issues such as environmental protection, natural disasters and related topics. The Project is based on collaborative research, the results of which are summarized and shared via public exhibits.

For the 11th Pacific Rim Project, the two institutions expanded their collaboration with Ministry of Industry (Thailand) and Lanna Culture & Crafts Association to implement Thailand 4.0 Policy in order to transform the Thai Economy and change the country’s traditional farming to smart farming, traditional SMEs to smart enterprises, and traditional services to high-value services.

Mr. Narongyot Teejunmart was one of the twelve students from Thai universities who were selected to collaborate to envision new opportunities for fashion design with theme “Fashion Smart Up 2016 (F2S: Creative Designer Creation)” and was the winner for this year award.

Congratulations to Narongyot Teejunmart, an undergraduate student from Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design & Creative Arts, Mahasarakham University for winning the Pacific Rim international design award.  Continuing to build on the experiences of the successful and award-winning Pacific Rim Project, Narongyot Teejunmart participated in the Pacific Rim workshop and displayed his work entitled “Incompleteness” at Tama Art University and Art Center College of Design.

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