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Welcome Ceremony for MSU-GLC 2013

Welcome Ceremony for MSU-GLC 2013

2013-06-25 1615

On June 24, 2013, Division of Public Relations and International Affairs in cooperation with the International Relations Office organized the Welcome Ceremony for all this year's participants of MSU-GLC 2013 at MSU Staff Club.

The Ceremony was led by the Vice President for Planning and International Relation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nathanon Trachoo and the Director of Public Relations and International Affairs, Ms. nattaya Chomputsa.

This year's MSU-GLC 2013 has 71 students of 23 university partners from 14 countries that includes Cambodia, China, South Korea, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, India and USA. This annual  MSU Project would like to equipped the particpants  with some leadership skills and explore themselves in Thailand and to develop confidence in learning English language and used as a tool to communicate to the world.

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