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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

The cost of mobile phone calls in Thailand is relatively cheap. Most mobile phones you bring with you will accept a simcard provided your mobile is not locked. Many places will be able to unlock your mobile if required. Mobiles sold in Thailand are normally not locked to a service provider.

You will find the cost of a new mobile on a par with the cost in most countries around the world.

If you use your mobile simply as a phone it is easy to buy a prepaid sim card and top up your credit as required. Sim card packages are readily available and come with a small credit. You can top up credit at convenience stores such as Seven 11. If you use internet service on your mobile this can drain your prepaid credit quite quickly.

The closest mobile phone shops to the new campus are located in the BigC shopping complex on Thinanon Road, nested together between the two main entrances to the BigC supermarket. Dedicated internet contracts for smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry etc.) can be purchased from representative offices of all three mobile phone companies Both yellow and blue songtheaus go past BigC travelling to and from Khamriang campus. It is advisable to bring a friend who speaks Thai with you if you select the contract option.

There are three phone companies in Thailand. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you ask Thai friends for advice some will suggest one company, others another. Ask them why they like their particular phone company and make your decision based on what’s important to you. To make your own comparison, check the phone company websites:

 DTAC: http://www.dtac.co.th/english/postpaid.html

 AIS One-2-Call: http://www.12call.ais.co.th/index.html

 True: http://www.truemove.com/eng/home.htm

 For mobile phone usage 300 baht credit should keep you connected for a month or more depending on which company or type of service you choose. Expiry dates on credit are relatively generous, again depending on which company or type of service you choose.

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