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Student ID Cards

Student ID Cards

Student ID Cards

You will need an MSU Student ID card which can be obtained from the IRO.

Your ID card is very important. It used for identification, for borrowing books from the library, internet access, computer centre.

Temporary Student ID Card

When you first arrive the IRO will issue you with a temporary Student ID card.

The reason for the issuing of a temporary ID card is your permanent Student ID card will be linked to a bank account created for you at the TMB bank branch located at MSU Plaza. The process is slow because of the number of new students enrolling and, for international students, all information needs to be verified and certified by TMB head office in Bangkok. Please be patient while waiting for your permanent Student ID card. 

Permanent Student ID Card

Your permanent Student ID card will be linked to your TMB account at the MSU Plaza branch.

Besides being your MSU Student ID card, it doubles as an ATM debit card linked to your account at the MSU Plaza branch of the TMB bank.

No passbook is issued to students. You can check your TMB bank account balance at an ATM or by going to the counter of any TMB bank. You can deposit money at any TMB branch.

Students pay an annual fee for services provided by the University (@500 baht). This is deducted automatically (normally in early January) from your TMB account linked to your student ID card. A letter (in Thai) is sent to the address you have supplied notifying you of the fee and providing you with a current account balance.

Please be aware you need to maintain a credit on your student ID/TMB debit card or risk cancellation of your account leading to cancellation of your student status.

Leave a note in your diary to check your TMB bank balance in December.

Your student card can be used in many places to obtain discounts. e.g. buses, trains, tourist attractions and some hotels for accommodation.

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