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Off-campus Shopping

Off-campus Shopping

Maha Sarakham offers residents and visitors a variety of shopping experiences. In the center of town, one block from the bus station, is Serm Thai Plaza, a small shopping mall where all kinds of merchandise are available. Shoppers will find various departments such as clothing, sports equipment, cosmetics, household utensils, electronic devices, books and magazines, music CD’s and DVD’s, groceries, as well as food and drinks. Alternately, relax by watching a movie (usually in Thai language) at the Cineplex on the top floor of the center.

The largest mall in town is Big C Super Center built alongside the Chee River about half way between the city center and Khamriang Campus. As well as Big C which sells a wide range of food items and household goods there are several specialist stores, banks and a food court.

24-hour convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, appear to be almost everywhere and local shops line many streets. While Thai people enjoy these Western-style shops, traditional Thai shopping is done in street markets. To experience true Thai-style shopping keep your eyes open for these markets which crop up at different times in different places. They're a great place to grab a bargain.

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