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Talat Noi (The Little Market)

Talat Noi (The Little Market)

The little market (Talat Noi) is set up each evening a little further along from MSU Plaza. Generally, it starts from around 5 pm and finishes at about 10 pm. This may vary depending on how busy it is. The size of the market varies from night to night as some vendors attend other markets on some nights. You can either eat at the market or take your food home. On busy nights clothing, household items and many other goods may be found. The market is usually at its biggest, most interesting and most crowded on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

There are also many coffee shops where you can get good quality coffee. Some also serve meals.

There are many other markets close to but outside the campus. It is best to ask students about these as they vary in locations and operating times.

There are also many eating places on the roads leading into and out of the campus

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