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Book Centers

Book Centers

Book Centers

On level 2 of the Computer Center building you will find the main MSU Book Center. This shop has a good range of text and other books mostly in Thai language. They also have talking dictionaries which are a pocket solution to translations in many languages. A general store, run by MSU Book Center, stocks uniforms, stationery, gifts, personal items, packaged food and drinks.

The College of Politics and Government contains a small MSU Book Center, mostly Thai books but does have a small range in English. Also stocks stationery, some CDs, snack foods, drinks and some gift lines.

There is a canteen on the first (ground) floor with a wide range of food. It is open during the day and closes about 1600 in the afternoon.

Also a coffee shop, optometrist, photocopy center and a branch of the library stocking books mostly related to law, politics and governance—available for borrowing by all staff and students.

The Humanities & Social Sciences Building has a minimart that stocks stationery, gifts, personal items, packaged food and drinks.

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