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Experimental study of the performance of a circular tube solar collector with closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe with check valve (CLOHP/CV)

2012-09-11 1297

Abstract This paper describes the performance of a circular glass tube solar collector with a set of closed-loop oscillating heat-pipes with check valves (CLOHP/CV). The assembly was divided into three sections, i.e. circular glass tube, adiabatic gap and condenser water tank. A circular 10-set glass tube solar collector of 0.058 m diameter and 1.50 m length was housed on a collecting plate. The inside circular glass tube consisted of a CLOHP/CV and collecting plate. The adiabatic gap was 0.05 m. The condenser water tank was made from a 0.03 × 0.05 m2 zinc sheet. The CLOHP/CV consisted of the collecting plate cover with inner diameter of 0.003 m and 26.40 m total length per set, and it contained two check valves with evaporator 1.50 m long, adiabatic gap 0.05 m and condenser 0.30 m long. R-134a was used as the working fluid with filling ratio of 50%. The CLOHP/CV arrangement was aligned at an inclination angle of 18 degrees from the horizontal plane, with 6 turns per set. A 0.001 m thick aluminum sheet was used to make a collecting plate with 0.10 × 1.50 m2 test area. Efficiency evaluations were conducted during daylight hours over a 2-month period and included extensive monitoring and recording of temperatures with type-K thermocouples placed at key locations throughout the system. The results confirmed the anticipated fluctuation in collector efficiency dependent on the time of day, solar energy irradiation, ambient temperature and circular tube surface mean temperature. An efficiency of approximately 76% was achieved, which correlates with the efficiency of the more expensive heat-pipe system. The CLOHP/CV system offers the additional benefits of corrosion-free operation and absence of freezing during winter months. Keywords: Solar collector; Closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe; Check valve

Authors : S. Rittidech, A. Donmaung and K. Kumsombut,,,,,,,,,
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