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Internal Audit Office

Internal Audit Office

Internal Audit Office

Contact: Tel +66-4375-4322, +66-4375-4333 ext.1341, 1261, 1303
             Fax +66-4375-4237 E-mail:


Brief Information

The Internal Audit Office, Mahasarakham University is an independent organization administrated under the University Council. The Internal Audit Office’s main responsibilities are to assure the University performs with equity, to provide consultation, to value add and improve. Methods used to accomplish the Universities’ mission are through continuously and systematically controlling and supervising the University’s organizational units practice and performance. The Office consists of 16 staff with 13 members of staff responsible for auditing and 3 responsible for administration.      



The Internal Audit Office places emphasis on new and innovative concepts to build organizational confidence.



The Internal Audit Office provides information and support to continually strengthen Mahasarakham University’s administration towards international standards throughout the University.



The mission of The Internal Audit Office includes the following:

  1. Strengthening, supporting, controlling and supervising systems.
  2. Assuring the University performs with equity and the provision of independent consultation
  3. Aiming to develop and add value to University organizations.


The Internal Audit Office is comprised of the following units:

1.Internal Audit Section

  1. Internal Control Unit
  2. Internal Audit Unit Unit
  3. Internal Control and Audit System Unit

2. General Administration Unit



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