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Division of the Registrar

Division of the Registrar

Division of the Registrar

Contact: Tel/Fax +66-4375-4234, +66-4375-4256


Brief Information

The Division of the Registrar, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University supports University students with academic services including student registration and graduation. The division also supports University staff and community with academic services including student’s educational records, University study programs and curriculum.



Our philosophy is to conduct academic affairs effectively, accurately and promptly through understanding and use of advanced technology to provide quality service.


The Division of Registrar is the centre of academic services with prompt and accuracy using advanced technology administrated under good management.


The Division of the Registrar’s mission includes the following:

  1. The provision of academic services through administration of the system of academic affairs.
  2. The encouragement and innovation of curriculum development, student registration and graduation procedures in a systematic and standard manner.  



The Division of the Registrar comprises the following sections:

1. Registration Section
    Tel/Fax +66-4375-4234, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1301

  1. Student Records Unit
  2. Registration Unit
  3. Student Employment Records Unit
  4. Graduate Student Registration Unit
  5. Class Timetable Unit
  6. Academic Services Unit

2.Grading System Section
   Tel/Fax +66-4375-4234, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1387

  1. Grading System Unit
  2. Student Degree Audit Unit
  3. Educational Archives Unit
  4. Graduate Grading System Unit

3.Curriculum and Database Systems Development Section
   Tel/Fax +66-4375-4234, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1305

  1. Unit for the Coordination of Curriculum Development
  2. Database Systems Development Unit

4.General Administration Unit 
   Tel/Fax +66-4375-4234, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1357


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