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Division of Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs


Contact: Tel/ Fax +66-4375-4388, +66-4375-4408   Fax +66-4375-4388/ +66-4375-4408


Brief Information

The Division of Student Affairs, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University is located in the University Food Centre (Khamriang Campus), Khamriang Sub-District, Kantarawichai District, Maha Sarakham.


The Division of Student Affairs adheres to the Philosophy of Mahasarakham University; “Public devotion is a virtue of the learned”.



The Division of Student Affairs is a centre for student services and student’s potential development. The division is committed to encourage students to excellence through good management.



The Division of Student Affairs’ mission includes the following:

  1. Serving the University students as well as providing them with welfare to improve their quality of life.
  2. Improving student potential to gain quality of life as well as social responsibility.
  3. Supporting good management in the Division of Student Affairs.



Division of Student Affairs is comprised of the following sections:

1. Student Activities Section
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1216

  1. Academic Activities
  2. Social Works Unit
  3. Arts and Culture Conservation Activities Unit
  4. Student Personality and Manners Development Unit
  5. Student’s Disciplines Unit

2. Student Services and Welfares Section
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1205

  1. Student Career Guidance and Career Promotion Unit
  2. Scholarships and Financial Aid Unit
  3. Student Loan 
  4. Students with Disabilities Unit
  5. Military Students Unit
  6. Student Consulting Service Unit
  7. Student Welfare Unit

3. Sports and Recreation Section
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1217

  1. Sports Support Service and Development Unit
  2. Sports and Recreation Unit
  3. Sports Facilities and Stadium Unit

4. Public Relations and Student Information Unit
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1220

5. The Student Dormitory Unit

6. The General Administration Unit
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1214






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