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Division of Student Admissions

Division of Student Admissions

Division of Student Admissions



Contact: Tel +66-4375–4377 Fax +66-4375–4377, +66–4375–4321– 30 ext.1354, 1322 


Brief Information

The Division of Student Admissions, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University was established in 1995. As the centre of educational services, the Division works to provide jobs as well as educational opportunities for students.



At the Division of Student Admissions, we believe in the promotion of academic excellence, the provision of educational opportunities and the development of professional experience for the enhancement of students’ abilities to reach their maximum potential.


The Division of Student Admissions is the division providing educational opportunities, developing life skills and empowering students through the use of advanced technology to provide sustainable development.


The Division of Student Admissions’ mission includes the following:

  1. To develop and expanding the school relations network of the University throughout the region.
  2. To seek organizations suitable for students’ working opportunities.
  3. To develop and support innovative management systems for the recruitment of prospective students in order to produce graduates of high capability and moral values aiming to improve the quality of human resources to fulfill the needs of the nation.
  4. To analyze and develop effective information systems.
  5. To provide exemplary client service through prompt and full completion of tasks and procedures.



The Division of Student Admissions is comprised of the following section and units:

1. Student Recruitment and Cooperative Education Section

  1. The Student Recruitment Unit is responsible for student admissions, the development and evaluation of database systems and examination schedules.
  2. The Cooperative Education Unit is responsible for student job placement/internship, arranging internship activities, preparing students for cooperative education, and educational supervision and evaluation.
  3. The School Relations Unit is responsible for Higher Education, creating and developing databases of schools, the production of educational guidance materials and promotion of the MSU program of educational guidance.

2. Unit of General Administration
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1322


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