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Division of Planning

Division of Planning

Division of Planning



Contact: Tel +66-43-754333 ext.1349, 1335, 1336, 1330, 1246   Fax +66-43-745240


Brief Information

The Division of Planning, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate and administrate the following:

  1. strategic planning, budgetary and fiscal policy
  2. income revenue management
  3. human resources analysis
  4. institutional research
  5. communications management.



At the Division of Planning, we believe that policy coordination, affirmative action, efficiency and unity are strategies which will lead to success.



The Division of Planning is to be the resource core of the University in the provision of effective planning, resource allocation, accuracy in information, informed decision-making and continuously innovating and improving towards Internationalization.



The Division of Planning’s mission includes cooperation, the collection and analysis of information as well as the creation of strategic plans for management decision-making in order to encourage efficiency and innovation in leading the University to academic excellence. 



The Division of Planning is comprised of the following sections:

  1. Budget Section Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1330, 1231

 1.1 The Federal Financial Management Unit

 1.2 The Financial Management Revenue Unit

1.3 The Unit for the Monitoring and Evaluating of Expenditure

  1. Institutional Strategy Section Tel. +66-4375-4333 ext.1330

      2.1 The Policy and Strategy Unit

      2.2 The Strategy Management Unit

                2.3 The Unit for Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategy

  1. Data and Information for Strategy Development Section
    Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1335, 1336

          3.1 Data Warehouse and Administration System Development Unit

               3.2 Risk Management Unit

  1. The General Administration Unit
     Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1349


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