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Division of Human Resources

Division of Human Resources

Division of Human Resources


Contact: Tel/ Fax 0-4375-4255, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1327,1328,1388,1286


Brief Information

The Division of Human Resources, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University is a central unit serving and administrating the human resources of the University. The Division encourages and controls the University faculties and staff to follow and abide the government as well as the University’s laws, rules, regulations, and disciplines. The Division of Human Resources responsibilities are staff recruitment, hiring, election, salary, promotion, transfers, rotations, education and degrees, training and development, seminars, leave and vacation, behavior, welfare, resignations, insignia, retirement and administration of the personnel information database system



The Division of Human Resources devotes itself to quality and morality.



The Division of Human Resources is an organizational unit promoting and supporting human resource administrative system of the University in the development and sustainability of quality and morality.



The Division of Human Resources‘ mission is to administrate human resource in order to support the University’s main mission toward quality and morality.



Division of Human Resources is comprises the following sections:

1. Section of Human Resources Administration

  1. Staff Recruitment and Hiring Unit

  2. Staff Performance Evaluation Unit)

  3. Academic Faculties Task Evaluation Unit

  4. Staff Salary and Wage Unit

  5. Staff Disciplines Unit

  6. Employee Appeals Unit

  7. Scholarships and Staff Financial Aid Unit

  8. Personnel Development Unit

  9. Staff Training Unit

  10. Staff Welfare Unit

  11. Knowledge Management Unit


2. Staff Records and Personnel Information Section

  1. Manpower Unit

  2. Staff Records Unit

  3. Personnel Information Unit


3. Legal Affairs and Disciplines Section

  1. Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1345, 1389, 1232

  2. Legal Affairs Unit

  3. Contracts Unit

  4. Legal Counselling Unit

  5. Adjudication Unit

  6. Documentation and Regulatory Affairs Unit

  7. Information Law Unit

  8. Lawsuit Unit

  9. Law Enforcement Unit


4. General Administration Unit
    Tel/Fax +66-4375-4378, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1371,1394


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