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Languages Centers

Languages Centers

Languages Centers


Confucius Institute :: Chinese language

ASEAN Corner :: ASEAN languages

American Corner :: English language

Sejong Hakdang :: Korean language


The Confucius Center is located on the old campus. It contains interactive exhibits as well as a small museum of Chinese artefacts. It is worthwhile making an appointment so staff can be made available to show you around the exhibits. The Confucius Institute is operated in collaboration with Guangxi University for Nationalities, China.

The Sejong Hakdang (Korean Cultural) Center was opened in March 2012 and is located on the first floor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It contains a Korean Folk Museum and is a result of collaboration between MSU Faculry of Humanities and Social Sciences and the government of the Republic of South Korea.

American Corner is temporarily located on the first floor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science building until its relocation late in 2012. It is supported by the United States Embassy Bangkok.


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