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Division of Finance and Facilities

Division of Finance and Facilities

Division of Finance and Facilities



Contact: Tel +66-4375-4311 (1st Floor), +66-4375-4447 (2nd Floor), +66-43-754237


Brief Information

The Division of Finance and Facilities, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University is the centre for finance and facilities serving and providing finance and facilities to the entire University.



   To service and supply Mahasarakham University with accuracy, promptness and efficiency



The Division of Finance and Facilities is a centre to service finance and supplies with accuracy, promptness, honesty clarity using advanced technology in accordance with the University’s vision.



The Division of Finance and Facilities mission includes the following:

   1.  Saving and sparing all sources/kind of income of the University.

   2.  Seeking benefits from the University’s properties.

   3.  Providing and managing the University’s supplies.

   4.  Providing information on finance and facilities.

   5.  Setting policies of information technology on administrative, budgetary, facilities and accounting systems.  



The Division of Finance and Facilities is comprised of the following sections:

1. Finance and Budget Administration Section 
Tel +66-43-754311, +66-4375-4333 ext. 1308, 1309, 1236, 1235, 1267, 1367, 1251, 1268 
Fax +66-43-754446

  1. Money Deposits Unit

  2. Money Withdrawal Unit

  3. Money Checking/Pre-Audit Unit

  4. Budget Control Unit

  5. Government Fiscal Management Information System Unit (GFMIS)

  6. Welfare Funds for Staff Administration


2. Accounting Section
Tel/ Fax +66-4375 4-447, +66-4375-4333 ext.1306, 1359

  1. Account Analysis and Accounting Unit

  2. Monthly Budget / Budget Management Unit  


3. Facilities Administration / Management Section
    Tel/ Fax +66-43-754-237, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1318, 1381, 1315

  1. Facilities Supply Unit

  2. Facilities Control and Contribution Unit


4. Income and Benefits Provision Section
Tel +66-4375-4333 ext. 1290, 1344, 1320  Fax +66-43-754-322  

  1. Food/Banquet Services Unit

Website :

  1. Income and Benefits Provision Unit

Website : 

  1. MSU Printing Unit



5. General Administration Section
Tel/ Fax +66-43-754-447, or Tel +66-4375-4333 ext.1307, 1319, 1347, 1396 

  1. General Administration Unit

  2. Human Resources Unit

  3. Information Archives Unit

  4. Standards and Quality Assessment Unit

  5. Institutional Research Unit

  6. Assessment Management Unit

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