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MSU Students play the “Dream Catcher Concert”

MSU Students play the “Dream Catcher Concert”

2020-03-03 614

MSU Students play the “Dream Catcher Concert”
Mahasarakham University by the College of Music holds the “Dream Catcher Concert,” on March 3, 2020 at the amphitheater of the College of Music. This is the 21st final project of the 4th year bachelor students which consists of the performances with a blend of Thai music, Local music and international music.  

This is aiming to show the creativities and music skills of the College’s 4th year students before their graduate which well publicize the college of Music’s reputations for teaching quality and capability.   

The Dream Catcher Concert’s runs through the story of the man who is wandering around wonderland. He has never been here before but he feels familiar with this place amazingly. Then, he meets a beautiful woman who leads him to go around this wonderland. It is absolutely for him to fall in love with her. During his stay, he finds out the fright of people by the devil with proficient magic in the forbidden area. With love for this wonderland, the man volunteers for the position of the army’s leader to fight. Finally, he with the army can conquer the devil.  
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