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  • Performance Spaces

    Performance Spaces For International languages skills enhancement, MSU created an Outdoor Amphitheater for the students to use for their cultural performances such as theatrical on stage drama, plays, musical performances and concerts. The amphi... read more

  • Post Offices

    Post Offices There is a small post office in the Office of Student Affairs/Canteen Building, open 9 am—2 pm, 3 pm—6 pm, Monday to Saturday. There is also a post office in Taakonyaang, in front of the Privilege Guesthouse. There i... read more

  • Dentists

    Dentists A dentist is in attendance at the Primary Care Center, Khamriang Campus on Tuesdays, 9.00 am—3.00 pm. There is also a dental clinic at the Public Hospital open in the evenings. Dentists may also be found in Taakonyaang and in ... read more

  • Emergency Ambulance

    Emergency Ambulance MSU has an 724 emergency ambulance which can be contacted on 08 1965 6924. read more

  • Hospitals

    Hospitals If you need emergency, not so urgent medical attention or medication unavailable from a pharmacy you can present yourself to Mahasarakham hospital casualty department. You will find the nurses and staff very helpful. All Thai doctors s... read more

  • Pharmacies

    Pharmacies For pharmaceutical advice visit one of the three pharmacies operated by the Faculty of Pharmacy. There’s a branch on campus in MSU Plaza which is open 8.00 am—10.00 pm, Monday to Friday and 10 am—10 pm, Saturday and ... read more

  • Health Clinic

    Health Clinic The Faculty of Medicine runs two clinics staffed by teaching doctors. Khamriang Clinic is on the ring road, between the gymnasium and MSU Plaza. Opening hours are 8.30 am - 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday. You will find the staff here mo... read more

  • Computer Center

    Computer Center The MSU Computer Center is in the Computer Center Building. It is open from 8 am to 8 pm Mon to Fri and 8 am to 6 pm Sat and Sun. Access is available to both students and staff by showing the appropriate ID. A single computer can be ... read more

  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones The cost of mobile phone calls in Thailand is relatively cheap. Most mobile phones you bring with you will accept a simcard provided your mobile is not locked. Many places will be able to unlock your mobile if required. Mobiles sold in... read more

  • Withdrawing money from your overseas bank account

    Withdrawing money from your overseas bank account If you have a bank account in your home country that is linked to Visa, Mastercard or similar, you can withdraw cash from most Thai ATMs. There is a flat fee imposed by all Thai banks of 150 baht... read more

  • ATMs

    ATMs ATMS are common and easy to find. Most ATM’s have an English language option. Warning: ATMS in Thailand dispense the cash before you remove your card. Make sure you take your card from the machine. There are a total of seven ATMs in t... read more

  • BANKS at Big C

    BANKS at Big C Krung Thai, Siam Commercial (SCB) and Bangkok Bank each have branches at Big C. They each also have ATMs on the outside area of the center that are accessible after hours. read more

  • Banking

    Banking Two banks have small branches, along with ATMs, on Khamriang campus. TMB is in MSU Plaza; Bangkok Bank in the Computer Centre building. read more

  • Student ID Cards

    Student ID Cards You will need an MSU Student ID card which can be obtained from the IRO. Your ID card is very important. It used for identification, for borrowing books from the library, internet access, computer centre. Temporary Student I... read more

  • Cost of Living

    The Cost of Living The cost of living in Thailand is generally inexpensive when compared with many other countries throughout the world. As MSU is located in a small rural province in a university town, the cost of living can be even less expensive ... read more