There is on campus accommodation at both the new and old campuses. On the new campus there are Ajarn’s (teacher’s) apartments as well as student accommodation. You can find apartments available either on the old or new campuses or off campus with many locations available all of the way between downtown and the new campus.

Availability of accommodation fluctuates with session times. Please understand it is possible there may not be accommodation available for you on campus. A large percentage of MSU students come from other provinces, living ‘away from home’, so there is a big demand for on campus accommodation.

While the OIA staff do their best to acquire on campus accommodation for international students at times it may not be possible.

However, there is a large amount of accommodation available nearby and more is being built continuously to cater for the increasing number of students.

Most accommodation is in the form of apartments. These are single rooms in apartment blocks. Prices vary but the average price varies from 3000 to 5500 baht for one month. Electricity and water is normally not included and estimated at 1000 – 1500 per month depending on how much you use the air conditioning. It is recommended you take an air conditioned apartment.  A small bond is normally required.

Apartment rooms vary in size but are quite comfortable for one person as they are designed for shared occupancy.

The rooms are normally furnished to accommodate two students and contain two single beds, desks and wardrobes. They normally also have their own bathroom (shower / toilet) and a small balcony. It is not advisable to cook in the apartment and there is really no need as food stalls are available everywhere. If you need a fridge you should be able to rent one for about 300 baht per month.

The International Relations staff will help you with your accommodation needs.

On campus

Shared dormitory
Shared among 2 - 4 people
Air-conditioned or fan
Semester contract required
Rent 2,000 - 9,500 baht per person per semester (depends on each domitory)
Cost of Utilities: electricity expenses 5 baht per unit/ water expenses 100 baht per person per month

On-campus Name of Residence

(Old Campus Area)

Male Dormitory

  • Samran Dormitory (2,000 baht/person/month)
  • Huenhao Dormitory (2,000 baht/person/month)
  • Rajapruek Dormitory (5,500 baht/person/month)
  • Nakarin Dormitory (2,000 baht/person/month)
  • Parichat Dormitory (4,500 baht/person/month)

Female Dormitory

  • Karawek Dormitory (5,400 baht/person/month)
  • Pathomvet Dormitory (2,000 baht/person/month)
  • Chaipruek Dormitory (2,000 baht/person/month)
  • Chuanchom Dormitory (4,500 baht/person/month)
  • Benjamas Dormitory (4,500 baht/person/month)
  • Chongko Dormitory (6,000 baht/person/month)
  • Phuttaraksa Dormitory (4,500 baht/person/month)
  • Karaked Dormitory (4,500 baht/person/month)
  • Intanin Dormitory (6,000 baht/person/month)

(New Campus Area)

Male Dormitory

  • ShiangYuen Dormitory (6,400 baht/person/month)
  • Nadoon Dormitory (5,500 baht/person/month)
  • Payakkapoompisai Dormitory (4,000 baht & 5,400 baht/person/month)


Female Dormitory

  • Kantarawichai Dormitory (4,000 baht/person/month)
  • Kudrang Dormitory (4,500 baht & 9,500 baht/person/month)
  • Kosumpisai Dormitory (4,000 baht & 5,400 baht/person/month)
  • ChuenChom Dormitory (6,400 baht/person/month)
  • Wapeepathum Dormitory (4,000 baht/person/month)
  • Borabue Dormitory (5,400 baht/person/month)
  • Yangsrisurat Dormitory (4,000 baht/person/month)